WINNER! Acquisition International

Acquisition International’s Influential Businesswoman Awards 2020 Best Female Expat Coach & Support 2020

United British Expats Magazine

I have a monthly column supporting expat mums - my most popular column so far is I am better because we are different

Tandem Nomads

I was interviewed by Amel of Tandem Nomads about how starting my business made me a better mum. Listen to this episode here

ABC News Australia

ABC News Australia: Australian women share their stories of giving birth overseas during coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.

Meet The Expats

In Pauline’s 10th Episode we celebrate by chatting through some of my top tips for supporting your family through transition. Check it out here.

Moving During The Pandemic

An initiative by FIGT, I was the host for a panel discussion on the impact of moving during the pandemic. Watch the video here

Rituals & Traditions When Moving

I was interviewed by FIGT about my tips for supporting your kids with rituals & traditions when moving. Watch the video here.